Thursday, February 28, 2008

Merry go round feeding .........

Watch how the puppies are all turning in a counterclock wise motion. Some move faster than others which can lead to a puppy jam or one puppy climbing over the other. A co-ordinated puppy motion.

View point from top of couch ......

The two girls looking out from on top of couch ......
checking up on the puppies action.
(Puppies are in x-pens below the couch)
Rose on the left with Lily to the right.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Puppy demonstrating a right paw hook followed by head butt

One quiet puppy contemplating the world is approached by Pink girl puppy who is looking for some action or reaction. Action it is ....... Pink girl puppy gets a right paw hook followed by a head butt sending her running the opposite direction as fast as she can. Puppy sits and waits ...... will pink girl puppy return for another go at it?

Monday, February 25, 2008

Falling asleep .....

Head slowly sinking down.......

Chin almost to the floor.......

Finding a better place to sleep .....

Green boy puppy holding his position at front of crate while Pink girl puppy wriggles herself to the front position as well.

A puppy's conquest, stuffed lion complete with mane.

Purple girl puppy taking on green boy puppy in paws on attack.

Green boy puppy is not going to take this lying down.

Looks like purple girl puppy has the upper hand in this match.

Switch of sides with Green boy puppy keeping his front position with Purple girl in the rear. Blue boy puppy is sleeping through all the commotion happening around him.

Purple girl puppy has found a warm head rest.

Pink girl puppy watching the camera.

Sleeping puppies .......

Two heads on a makeshift pillow ....

Center position for blue boy puppy ...

Head down position, a good yoga position of increasing circulation.....

Blue boy puppy adopting one of Mom Rose's favorite positions with the nose pointed straight up, head supported on a makeshift pillow.

Bopping noses and paws

Sunday, February 24, 2008

This video was taken a few days after the puppies turned 4 weeks old. After a meal the puppies become re-energized as seen below. Then off for a nap either inside the crate or just outside.

' Bum biters '

Never turn your back on puppies especially when you are kneeling on the floor. Target practice. And the puppies never miss their target!!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Sitting poses of the puppies, just over 4 weeks old.

Timing of pictures for a sit position was crucial. After a meal with a few minutes snooze to catch them a little sleepy was the best time to stand on the table and then sit for a picture. Standing is tricky taking some time while the sit seemed to come very natural in the puppies. A few silly noises thrown in was also useful in getting their attention, just like with little babies.

Blue boy puppy, good sitting only had to take a couple of pictures.

Only able to get one quick picture of this sweet girl, pink girl puppy, always on the move.

Purple girl took me several pictures to finally get a sit for a few seconds.

Bonus stand from this girl !

Green boy had to have a repeat picture taken as the other pictures were too exposed. He was a good boy and allowed me to take a few pictures of him.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Four round looking puppies with four FULL stomachs

What happens after a big meal? Sleeping it off

Feeding frenzy .......

Eating becomes a challenge for the puppies as they start to eat from the middle always with one or two paws in the gruel of puppy kibble with warm water. The puppies move like a merry go round eating as they circle around. Some puppies eat faster than the other so tend to push or go underneath or surf on top of each other.

Still licking and circling.

Notice Green boy's paw on top of Blue boy who is ignoring the action and continues to chow down.
Pink girl moves just for a moment than.......

Pink girl return to finish off the leftovers left behind.

From whelping box to crate with x-pen .......

With puppies trying to get out of the whelping box with success on more than one occassion, the boys being the escape artists, it was time for a change. From the whelping box into a large crate surrounded by x-pen for freedom of movement which the puppies are demonstrating. No problem entering the crate complete with a fluffy oversized quilt as you can see with the girls look quite a home. Even their collars are color co-ordinated matching the inside crate walls.

The two boys remained outside the crate just taking in their surroundings. Or the girl puppies are keeping the crate to themselves. Blue boy is quite intent on watching the two girls.

Boys all tuckered out keeping each other company on the newspaper which is suppose to be their bathroom area.

One girl remains in crate looking very comfortable.

Green boy deciding to try out the comforts of a quilt versus newspaper.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Finally filling the basket with 4 pups 4 weeks old.

Officially the 4 puppies will be 4 weeks old 1:00am Feb.20/08. All were so cute in the basket it was hard to chose just one picture. So have chosen 3 pictures for you to view.

** For a better view of the puppies click on picture for enlargement. ***

Week two...

Here is from week one...

Monday, February 18, 2008

Puppies in action mode full speed ahead .....

The puppies were frisky this morning. The video was taken when the puppies were about 3 1/2 weeks old. Interaction with each other seen in this video. For another video showing puppy toy interaction to to my weimaraners blog site to see some more action with toys.

Pink girl puppy making a point with (?)

Blue boy puppy having a chewing session.

Pink girl puppy keeping an eye on blue boy puppy with an occasional nip here and there to let him know she's around.

Purple girl puppy

Pink girl puppy

Green boy puppy in center.