Monday, March 31, 2008

Demo of how to sleep on wood floor......

Purple girl puppy showing how to relax on a wood floor in a weimaraner way.

Puppy has found the leather couch .....

So this is why the big dogs sleep on these couches. There is even a head rest for a Weim head.

Purple girl puppy with Lily behind.

Two weims, one big and one small just hanging together on the leather couch.

Puppy discovery of a bigger water bowl..........

Puppies discover the big dogs' water bowl.

Purple girl puppy and Green boy puppy now drink from the big dogs' water bowl. No more little puppy water dish for these two!!

A puppy all played out ...........

Green boy puppy sound asleep.

Purple girl puppy joins Green boy puppy for a puppy huddle no longer 4 puppies with 2 puppies gone to homes.

Puprple girl puppy, having a snuggle with Mom.

Puppy trying out the box for size ........

Green boy puppy exploring a box from the inside to the outside.


Blue boy puppy has a new home.

Blue boy puppy now has a name, Dexter. He will be living with Liz and Travis in Whiterock.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Pet bed sharing, Lily and Green boy puppy.

Discovery of the leather couch ....

Lily sharing her pet bed with Green boy puppy.

Only one puppy left, Green boy puppy .

Green boy puppy taking advantage of a now spacious crate no longer shared with three other weim pups.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Boy puppies rough housing ..........

Rumble and tumble of the two boy puppies Blue and Green. Each take turns being on the bottom and on the top of each other. Lots of running......

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Puppies using stool as a plaything.......

Green boy puppy and Purple girl puppy playing with each other using the upside down stool as a plaything for hide and seek. Pink girl puppy joins in the play near the end as the two puppies seem to be having lots of fun.

Sleeping wrinkled puppy.......

Sleeping blue boy puppy with facial wrinkles showing......

Rocket offering to pink girl puppy by Lily .....

Purple girl chosing tomatoe box for a bed.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

puppies 9 weeks stacked

Purple girl puppy.

Blue boy puppy.

Pink girl puppy.

Green boy puppy.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Stool puppy tag........

Boy puppy and girl puppy playing tag with upside down stool. Green boy puppy versus Purple girl puppy . Pin girl puppy is playing a game of solitaire with her toy.

Demo of weim puppy kneading a stuffy toy......

How to have a happy, playing puppy

Just give a puppy a simple toy of a sock or paper towel roll and watch the fun that follows.

Yogurt container play........

The puppies are quite excited over the yogurt container. Play growls and barking are heard.!

Puppy in pail.