Saturday, September 17, 2011

Rose's AWARD OF MERIT / BROOD BITCH picture Western Washington Specialty Show Aug. 2011

JUDGES AWARD OF MERIT Aug. 27, 2011 Redmond, WA

Pam Sage, Rose's US handler from 2004 who now is handling Rose's daughter, Schwinn stacked Rose for her Judges Award of Merit Award.

Rose, who will be 7 yrs. old September 29, 2011 is still in good form. So close to being a veteran.

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Thank you Pam for stacking Rose so beautifully as you always have done!!!

Somehow Rose did not have an entry for BROOD BITCH so had a DAM & PROGENY CLASS picture taken of the weims who were showing during the weekend.

As some handlers were not available to stack all the weims it was a family affair. Thank you to Julie/Lyle, Pam/Alan and Dan Cleary for all their help in managing to have all weims sit for a photo.

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Weims: in order from left to right


Lyle Pam Alan Julie Dan

ROSE'S first daughter, Schwinn pictured in an advertisement after her win at Westminster.