Wednesday, February 17, 2010

DAY 16


Looking more like puppies.

Caught with a puppy yawn...

Stuck in a do I get out?

A puppy tangle doesn't seem to interfere with their meal time. Just latch onto a nipple and hang on as puppies jostle for a good position.

Upside down , sideways the puppies are not fussy how they are positioned while nursing.

After a meal.....

DAY 15

Puppies are trying out their legs. Able to stand momentarily and take a few steps.

No more staying in the warming box. Puppy showing how much stronger those legs are becoming with a little assist of course.

This pup is complaining about being in the warming box.

What lies beyond the whelping box.

Another world out there....

Pups are growing day by day as shown how they fit in the warming box.

Saturday, February 13, 2010


DAY 12

WRIGGLING and VOCALIZING these three brothers are an armful.

This pup trying to find his legs. Almost....just not quite yet.

Aww Mom, not now....Pup is trying to nurse when Mom Rose decides he needs a clean up.

This is multitasking with Mom nursing one pup while cleaning up another pup at the same time.

Nursing for the first time with pups' opening eyes

The following pictures were taken throughout the day with the pups movements and positioning with each other. Movements are rolling, slithering along the vet bed, or even trying out the legs with short leg push ups.

Pup nose to pup nose....

Sleeping preferences: One pup likes to curl up while the other pup always likes to lay on his back and stretch out.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Pup looking out beyond his small world, the warming box

DAY 11

Taking a look at the world.....

Interesting puppy formation.... all pups laying stretched out

Fully rounded tummies....


DAY 10

Slight opening of pup's eyes, tiny slits starting to evolve.

This puppy has decided to venture outside the warming box but does not quite make it. Mom keeping an eye on this one.

Bigger puppies with more vigorous sucking and kneading during meal time.