Thursday, July 31, 2008

Rose and the squirrel..............

When Rose hears, smells or sees a squirrel a hunt is on. Be it in the forest, the back yard or on the deck, or on the other side of the privacy lattice.

The squirrels often climb the house walls attempting to reach the bird feeder which is below the deck on the other side of the lattice. Rose is intent on watching the squirrel's progress without a movement or sound coming from her.

Rose sits, quiet and patient, as the squirrel's progress along the wall is taking some time.

Rose is joined by Lily who also becomes intrigued with the squirrel.

The squirrel watch continues with Rose remaining very focused on the squirrel. Never taking her eyes off or away from the lattice holes.

Rose and Cervelo

Both Rose and Cervelo jumped together in this pose. This was a very quick snap shot, as one who knows the speed of the weims can appreciate how little time you have to take the picture. No time to arrange background or re-position furniture.!!

Cervelo's relaxation technique.......................

Cervelo and his sucky toy, the stuffed porcupine.

A little bit of kneading ......

Followed by relaxation ......

Ending with the finale, sleep.

Queuing for the sun shine...................

Rose and Cervelo take lead in claiming the narrow band of sun shine on the deck.

Rose and Cervelo

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Schwinn, approx. 6 months with the Schwinn bike in background.

Monday, July 28, 2008


SCHWIN posed in front of the road bike, Schwin.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Rose/Clays' puppies are now 6 months old.

Here are some pictures of one of the puppies, Skye at her Island home.


The Portland Kennel Club held an Oregon Specialty All Breed Dog Show and Combined Specialties in Stumptown. Rose won Best of Breed over 39 weimaraners . Congratulations to Pam Sage for her handling of Rose in the ring.

Judge for this show was Mrs. Betty-Anne Stenmark.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Cervelo and rest of Weim gang.

Cervelo seen in the front at the beginning posed on a log.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Comox Valley show pictures of Rose

GraytSky Anson's Royal Flush Blush, ' Rose'
show picture of First place in Sporting Group at the Comox Valley All Breed Championship Show.

The show was from June 6 - 8, 2008 with Rose winning one Second place in Sporting Group June 6 followed by two First place in Sporting Group June 7 & 8, 2008.

Note: The photographer,Savoie, e-mailed these pictures of which I am waiting for actual prints. Having a hard time which pictures to chose from. Any suggestions.?

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Rose's stamina holding a stance position on two legs while licking
out the greasy frying pan . Look at those bulging leg ms.!!

Rose continued to lick.......

And lick every corner of the pan very efficiently.

Still licking.....Has been at least 5 min. or more. I am sure Rose would have continued for much longer has I not intervened.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

GraytSky Anson's Royal Flush Blush , Rose......

GraytSky Anson's Royal Flush Blush

More winning for Rose this weekend.

Rose showed at the Vernon & District Kennel Club winning two Third Group placements and a Fourth Group placement.

Rose has now placed as one of the Best Dogs in Canada for Group 1 as of July 5/08. This is in just three dog shows Rose has been in. Go Rose go......... This girl is on a roll!!

Dexter, RoseWin Ansons Rockhopper.......

Dexter holidaying with Liz and Trav in Osoyoos.

Kisses or licks...............

Taking to the water with no qualms...............
Dexter makes a handsome figurehead for this canoe!