Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Schwinn's show pictures.....

First in Puppy Group at Two Cities, Oct.2008
Handler: Pamela Sage

Best of Breed Two Cities, Oct.2008
Handler: Pamela Sage

Best of Breed, Two Cities, Oct. 2008
Handler: Pamela Sage

Puppy Group First
Los Encinos Kennel, Dec. 2008
Handler: Pamela Sage

Best Puppy In Show Dec.2008
Handler, Keith Pautz
Shoreline Dog Fanciers Association of Orange County

Family tradition: Best Puppy in Show

Like Mother, Like Daughter.......
Schwinn's mother, Rose, shown here with her
Best Puppy in Show. Handler: Pamela Sage.

Rose's daughter, Schwinn shows first time in Canada

Schwinn, Rose's daughter just a year old now as of January 22/09 showed for her first time in Canada at the Ladies Kennel Club of B.C. January 23, 2009. The first day of show Schwinn won Best of Breed over her mother, Rose and another Special continuing on to place a Group 2 win under Judge Michael Shoreman. A very good beginning for Schwinn now showing for her Canadian Championship. Congratulations to Pam Sage for her handling of Schwinn.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Willamette Weimanraner Specilaty...........

The Willamette Weimaraner Specialty was held in Portland, Oregon January 15/09 with a total of 31 Weimaraners being shown.

Rose, handled by Rowan Norris Jones won Award of Merit under Judge Mrs. Judith Goodin.

Both Rose's puppies, Cervelo and Schwinn won their sweepstakes and theirAmerican Championship points.

Cervelo was shown by Rowan Norris Jones and Schwinn shown by Pam Sage under Judge Mrs. Patricia Hastings.

A big thank-you to both handlers, Pam/Rowan for a successful RoseWin winning day !

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Rose with a snow beard after tunneling under the snow.
*Remember to click on picture for better view*

Some tongue action going after eating some snow.

Waiting for some action.....