Sunday, January 29, 2012

One of ROSE'S progeny , CASSIAR, ROSEWIN BENNELLI BRING ON THE BIRDS is a CANADIAN CHAMPION Jan.29, 2012 in one weekend show!!!!!

Cassiar, RoseWin Benelli Bring On The Birds

from Alaska, with owners Julie and Lyle entered the Ladies Kennel Club of B.C. dog show held at Agriplex, Cloverdale Fairgrounds Jan. 27,28 & 29- 2012

Jan.27th, 2012 Cassiar won BOB under Judge Ms. J Rusby handled by Luke Baggenstos.

Jan.28th, 2012 Cassiar won BOB followed by Group 4 win under Judge C. Graham handled by Luke Baggenstos .

Jan.29th, 2012 Cassiar won BOB followed by Group 2 win under Judge Dr. G Forsythe handled by Luke Baggenstos.
Cassiar's wins over the weekend made him a Canadian Champion.

Congratulations to Luke and Cassiar including owners Julie and Lyle.

Thank you to all Judges who awarded Cassiar to make him a CANADIAN CHAMPION in his very first Canadian Show!!!

*** show picture to follow ***

Thursday, January 12, 2012

ROSE in JAN. 2012

ROSE pose for JANUARY 2012

Being demure.....

ROSE sharing her pet bed with daughter, PINK who moves in with no problem.

ROSE seen here with LILY who is patiently waiting for her pups to arrive.